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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

So it’s Easter soon. This means chocolate, bunnies, chocolate, eggs, hot cross buns, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. But if you want to give a treat that is a little longer lasting then this bunny egg cosy is a perfect Easter gift. She is super speedy to make; cut out. Sew up. Done.

This project is a great one to do with crafty (or craft inquisitive) kids. Felt is the ideal material to start children making as it is soft, doesn't fray and is easy to stitch.


Two pieces of different coloured felt (2 A4 sheets will make 3 egg cosies.)

Try Cloud Craft for the best 100% wool felt (affiliate link)

Little pieces of different coloured felt for the decorations Embroidery thread Small pom pom

Sequins and beads Needle



Download the free template here and then follow the steps below


1. Cut out the template and pin to the felt. Cut out two body pieces, one of each colour for the front and back.

2. Cut out some simple flower and leaf shapes. Scalloped scissors are perfect for making flower shapes.

3. Use embroidery thread to attach the flowers and leaves using some simple stitches.

4. Attach a sequin and a small seed bead; to secure ... take your needle and thread through the sequin and then the seed bead, bring it back over the seed bead but through the sequin and back into the felt. Alternatively you could sew a French knot.

5. Starting at her tummy sew together using blanket stitch, a simple overstitch or running stitch.

6. Sew across the ears so they are not attached to each other, then continue down her back.

7. Sew on the small pom pom as a tail.

8. Ta-dah! If you aren’t a great fan of eggs you can always turn this little cutie into a soft toy by simply filling the bunny with toy stuffing and sewing up her bottom. Make sure you close the hole between her ears as well.

I'd love to know if you make this project. If you use instagram them please share any images with the hashtag #sewyeahsocialclub so I can find them.


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Chief Elf-Jo-Hyphanana
Chief Elf-Jo-Hyphanana
Apr 04, 2022

Just so simple and cute x


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