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These pompom bunnies are so soft and cuddly and they are relatively quick and easy to make. A great project to make with children.

YOU WILL NEED: Grey and White wool – I’ve used Red Amore from, Grey and pink felt, Small scissors – korbond do a nice little pair that are great for trimming pompoms. Small length of grey and pink embroidery thread for eyes and nose. Pom-Pom Makers - set of three sizes


1. Make the bunnies body using medium size maker - usually around 5.5 cm. To make his tummy begin wrapping white wool around one half of the maker. Wind about 20 wraps of wool between the two outer dimples.

2. Continue wrapping wool between these two points but gradually decrease the wraps so you begin to form a triangle wedges shape with the wool. Use about another 30 wraps to form this wedge. It should look something like this ( picture 2) when you have finished.

3. Fill the rest of this half of the pom pom maker with grey wool. Then use the grey wool to fill the other half.

4. Cut carefully around the pom-pom maker to create the pom-pom.

5. Tie a length of wool around the middle of the pompom maker- pull tight and knot a second time. Remove from the maker. You will see a big white circle on one half of the pom. Trim the pom pom so the tummy circle becomes more defined. Also trim the bottom of the pom pom flat.

6. For the head make a grey pom pom using the smallest pom pom maker. Trim it so it’s nice and round. Also make a small white pom pom for the tail. Trim quite a lot so it is smaller than his head!

7. Cut two ear shapes from some grey felt. My bunnies have average length ears about 5cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Also cut some inner ears from the pink felt.

8. Use a little fabric glue to fix the pink and grey ears together. To add a little more character add a blob of glue at the base of each ear and pinch together till dry.

9. Use a glue gun to fix the tail, and head to the body. Then glue the ears in place.

10. To make the bunnies eyes and nose, thread a length of black embroidery thread onto a needle making sure both lengths of wool are equal. Push the needle through the bunnies head where you would like an eye. Trim the wool very short at the back so you can’t see it and trim the wool at the front flush with the grey wool so it looks like a little eye! Repeat for his other eye.

11. Make a nose in a similar way. Two strands of pink wool are usually enough.

12. Finnish bunny off with some jazzy accessories – some glasses, some felt flowers or just a simple bow round the neck.


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