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MAKE: Easy EastER Craft, Embroidered Felt Basket

Beautifully embroidered, woven felt basket hanging from an Easter tree

This beautiful felt basket is a great Easter craft for adults and children with any level of

embroidery skill. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian folk art, it can be made from felt or paper and decorated in so many ways. Even if you don’t add any embroidery, these baskets can still look beautiful hanging from your Easter tree (or Valentines, or Christmas!).

I originally designed this project for my Felt Sew Good Book first published in 2014. You still might be able to find a copy in your local library. 

TIP: Instead of making a basket, you could leave off the handle,  add stuffing and some sprigs of lavender and sew the top closed for a pretty room or drawer fragrancer. 


Templates download here

Felt Basket piece is 6 x 19cm, you will need 2 different colours, The handles are 1.5 x 19cm and the lining is 9 x 19cm 

Embroidery kit

Fabric glue


Scallop edged scissors (optional)


• Print the templates onto freezer paper or normal paper. Use to cut out one basket shape from each of the two colours of felt. Cut along the dotted lines on each, using a craft knife and ruler will give you a straighter cut.

• Fold each piece of felt in half. Weave together. Use the photo below and this video tutorial to help.

  1. Begin weaving strip 1 through strip C over strip B (The loop of strip B goes through the loop of strip 1) and through strip A 

  2. Continue by weaving strip 2 over strip C through strip B and over strip A 

  3. Finish by weaving strip 3 through strip C over strip B and through strip A

Instructions on hoe to make a woven felt basket

• Decorate the basket with small felt flowers and/or embroidery. I have used fly stitch, cross stitch, French knot and  single daisy stitch to decorate mine.

• Cut the handles, embroider one handle as you wish, to cover the back of the stitching,  apply a thin layer of fabric glue to the second handle, join together and press to secure. Use scallop edged scissors or pinking shears for added detail.

• Fold the handle in half to make a loop. Stitch in place to either side of the basket. If you stitch through to the front, this can be disguised with a felt flower or two!

• Use the templates to cut two heart shapes for the basket lining. Trim to make sure they fit neatly inside your basket. Apply a little fabric glue on each heart, slide each inside the basket so the glued sides are covering the back of the stitching and press to secure.

A selection of woven and embroidered felt baskets


These two Sewyeah Social Club projects, have lots of templates and instructions for making a whole florists shop worth of felt flowers


This 16-page download includes templates, instructions and  inspirational photographs to make a variety of felt flowers and succulents. Once you have mastered the flower making process you can use them to create jewellery, banners, wall hangings, fridge magnets, hairclips, head dresses ... the list is endless. There are instructions and templates for a complete alphabet to make an initial banner and a statement necklace included in the download.

Felt Floral GArland

This 10-page download includes templates, instructions, a stitch guide and inspirational photographs to make a beautiful embroidered felt floral garland. With the flowers attached to a wire, the garland can be bent into an array of shapes to create initials, wreaths or would around picture frames and ornaments.


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