• Christine Leech

Make: Under the sea fishing game

This underwater menagerie fishing game will keep the little ones occupied for hours, it has all the thrills and frustrations of real fishing but none of the wetness! The felt creatures are easy to sew and individually make brilliant soft toys.

In the instructions below I have shown how to sew the creatures with a sewing machine but they can easily be hand sewn too. You could also use faux leather instead of felt.


FOR THE CREATURES: 1 sheet A4 felt per creature plus extra felt in additional colours for the fins and scales, ( Cloudcraft have beautiful 100% wool felt ) matching threads Air erasable pen or tailors chalk sewing machine toy stuffing contrasting embroidery threads embroidery needle scissors,

FOR THE ROD: 7x 2cm magnetic bag clasps, (try ebay or etsy for multipacks) 50cm long bamboo cane small cotton reel glue gun 1meter bakers twine or string