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These two pincushions are a delightful addition to any sewing basket or project bag. I made the pineapple (or pin-apple as I like to call it) for the lovely people at If you would like the step by step guide to making one then click here to find out how. Stay right here if you want to make the watermelon as the instructions are coming up.

Watermelon Pincushion

You will need: Pink felt, white felt, green felt, Pink and green embroidery thread,


Embroidery needle,

A little bit of scrap fabric for stuffing and a little bit of dry rice.

Download the pattern template here

1. Using the templates cut out one pink and one white circle

2. Pin the pink circle in the middle of the white.

3. Use a scallop embroidery stitch to join the pink to the white. To make a scallop stitch: begin by pushing the needle through the felt from back to front, then push the needle back through the felt about 5mm along. Don’t pull the stitch tight but bring the needle back out midway between the two – as demonstrated in the picture below. Push the needle back down just beyond where it exited trapping the loose bit of thread in a nice curve.

4. Continue round the whole circle.

5. Fold the felt circle in half and press with an iron to make a nice crisp fold.

6. Use the template to cut out the skin from the green skin.

7. Use a blanket stitch to join the skin to the watermelon body. Leave a 5cm hole for stuffing.

8. Drop a couple of spoonfuls of rice into the pincushion.

9. Then fill with stuffing. The rice will sit at one end, weighting the watermelon and making it sit well on a table.

10. Sew closed and then add the pin pips.



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Chief Elf-Jo-Hyphanana
Chief Elf-Jo-Hyphanana
Apr 26, 2022

This looks so cute!


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