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Creative Day Out: The V&A and AccidentalLy Wes Anderson exhibition

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I had my first creative day out of 2024 last week. My friend Lottie (aka Charlotte Berridge ) and I are trying to do something inspiring and vaguely educational once a month to keep our minds active and the ideas flowing (it’s also a good excuse for a regular cuppa, chinwag and slice of cake).

We started with a quick tour around each of our favourite rooms at the Victoria and Albert museum. Mine are the Cast Courts - so big, so much work! and Lottie showed me the collection of cameras that always catches her eye.

We both loved the iron work gallery and all the tiled floors. We swore we would come back with our sketchbooks and pencils as there are just so many beautiful pieces of work, just asking to be turned into illustrated patterns or embroidery designs.

After a lunch in the V&A cafe (that was really quite expensive) we headed to the nearby  Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition. I love the work of film director Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel is probably my fave), I love the colour palettes, the locations and the costumes, I especially love the strong use of symmetry in his camerawork.

This exhibition is full of photographs taken by people who also love the Wes aesthetic (the westhetic). Accidentally Wes Anderson is an instagram account founded by a couple who travel the world taking scenic photos that wouldn’t look out of place in one of his films. This account has grown into a massive community of like minded people always looking for the perfect pastel coloured ferry terminal or pink and yellow Victorian swimming baths.

Each brightly painted room is full of beautiful and quirky images sent in from fans of the account. The rooms are organised into themes and there are a few interactive spots for selfies and videos to watch.

To be honest we both thought it could have been done better. Some of the framing was a bit low quality and wonkily hung  (this was a bit anti-Wes). There are loads of pictures which is great but after a while they all started to look the same.

We stayed about an hour then went for the promised tea and cake. In the cafe there was a couple next to us ensconced in a jigsaw puzzle they had just purchased from the exhibition. This made us very happy. Though we're not sure how they got it home!

Creativity FOUND?

As always I had a great day with Lottie, we always discuss our small businesses and what we are planning to do next. I will definitely head back to the V&A, settle myself in one room with my sketch pad and get drawing.

The V&A is mostly free and the tiled floors and building architecture are just as inspiring as the exhibitions.

Bring snacks! The cafes are expensive.

Accidentally Wes Anderson exhibition … hmmmmm …  The instagram account is just as good. 

The postcard book is nice though.

Where to go!

Cromwell Road, London

General admission free/donation

Open daily 10 -5.45 (Fridays 10pm)

81-85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, SW7 3LD

Tickets from £10.99

Open 10 - 6

HI! I do enjoy writing these blog posts, but I'm not sure what people would like to hear about most, how much they want to read or are more pictures better than words? ... I f you have any thoughts do let me know in the comments.


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