I love this book! (i love all my books!! but this was the one that rekindled my love of embroidery...)


When I came up with the projects for this book I wanted to create both embroidery designs that could be used on existing items - so people could easily embelish things they already owned AND also create designs for sewing projects. So there's instruction on how to make hot water bottle covers, simple tops, cushions and a variety of bags - that can all be embroidered with any of the patterns in the book. 

There's dancing sheep, Scandinavian-style patterns, beautiful Allium flowers and a complete alphabet of circus-inspired initials. The projects and patterns can be mixed and matched to create an almost inexhaustible number of combinations


The sewing projects in Little Sew and Sew range from those suitable for the beginner to ones requiring a little more skill and expertise. Showcasing many different styles of embroidery, with clear photographic guides and instructions, Little Sew and Sew is packed full of tempting projects which will prove irresistible no matter your level of skill.