I'm not sure how many festivals there are this year! but there will definitely be camping and crafting!! 


Festival Fabulous will show you how to 'get the festival vibe', with waterproof winged ponchos, floral headresses, welly socks, rucksacks, night lights ... so many things!  Theres loads of ways to make yourself and your camping space stand out from the crowd through a collection and handmade projects and styling ideas such as bunting, flower garlands and pompoms.


Shot on location at a number of festivals, the photography immerses you in the festival world, capturing the style and spirit. Most of the projects are easy to achieve, with the aim being to inspire even the novice maker to embrace the spirit of creativity and give craft a go.


It's a multi craft book with projects for sewists, crocheters, and people who just want to make, make, make! 

We had so much fun making this book and even if you are only able to get to a local campsite this year for your holiday - make it fabulous!