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MAKE: Easter BUnny Ears & shoes

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

These bunny ears are made from my favourite material of all time (apart from 100% wool felt (and you could totally use that instead)) - grey marl sweatshirt fabric… I love it because it's easy to work with, doesn’t fray and gives everything that little bit of casual cool. I’ve decorated them with felt flowers – because everything looks better decorated with flowers!

The bunny shoes I made for a project for Velcro and you can get all the instructions for them by following this link


2 pipecleaners, 1 plastic headband, grey marl fabric or similar about 30 x 20 cm, bondaweb or fabric glue, fabric for inner ear – patterned cotton or similar, glue gun, various coloured felt, needle and thread.


  1. Fold one pipe cleaner in half and shape so it looks like a bunny ear.

  2. Place two pieces of the marl fabric together with right sides facing and then place the pipe cleaner onto the top piece and draw round approximately 1cm from the cleaner. Draw the base of the ear as a wide opening (about 4cm) (you should be drawing on the wrong side of the fabric)

  3. Repeat for a second ear

  4. Machine sew around the ears following your drawn line. Stop and start about 2cm up from the base of the ear. Trim away any excess fabric and notch around the curves.

  5. Turn both ears right side out and press.

  6. Fix the Bondaweb to a piece of the inner ear fabric then cut two ear shapes smaller than the main ears by about 2cm all around.

  7. Iron these in place on the main ears (instead of Bondaweb you could use fabric glue)

  8. Insert one pipe cleaner into each ear.

  9. Bend the ears to give them some character.

  10. Take one ear and wrap the two ends of the pipe cleaner around the headband.

  11. Pull the marl fabric down over the pipe cleaner ends and the headband and use a glue gun to fix it in place.

  12. Repeat with the second ear.

  13. Make lots of felt flowers (see instructions below) and then use the glue gun to fix in place around the ears.

To make primroses:

  1. Cut a 12cm x 3cm rectangle of yellow felt, concertina this into 5 sections and then cut an arch across the top.

  2. Unfold the rectangle and trim to neaten the petal shape if necessary. Cut a 7 x 2cm rectangle from the cream felt, then from this cut a freestyle wobbly shape similar to the one in the photograph. Finally cut two leaf shapes from the green felt.

  3. Roll the cream petals into a tight roll and sew a couple of stitches across the bottom to hold them in place. Take the yellow petals and using a needle and thread sew a medium size running stitch along the straight edge. Pull the two ends of thread to gather the petals up, knot the thread to hold the flower closed

  4. Insert the cream petals into the middle of the yellow ones and fix with a couple of stitches or a blob of glue.

To make Chrysanthemums:

  1. Cut a 10 x 3cm rectangle of felt, fold in half lengthways and snip into it at 5mm intervals. Make sure you don’t cut all the way through!

  2. Keeping the felt folded in half and starting at one end roll into a tight bud shape. Fix at the outside edge with a small dab of glue or a couple of stitches.

To make Roses

  1. Cut a felt circle approximately 6cm in diameter. Starting at the outside cut a spiral shape into the circle, you can cut with a straight line, or a wavy one.

  2. Don’t worry about being too perfect as a wobbly line adds to the uniqueness of the final flower. Starting from the outside of the circle again roll the flower up.

  3. Then fix the middle of the spiral to the bottom of the flower with a blob of glue.


I hope you enjoy making this project. Follow me on instagram @sewyeah and ad the hashtag #sewyeahstayhomeandstitch so I can see what you are creating


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